Brown Daddy Cap


Crafted in an washed brown, this cap gives a nod to those dusty photo albums full of dad in his baggy jeans and oversized shirts.

Is it just us or was dad kinda hot back then? Forget we said that.

Looking to coordinate your style right down to your fingertips? Pair this cap with a playful orange nail polish - Samara. It's a look that says 'put-together' without screaming 'try-hard'.

This isn't just about wearing a cap, it's about showcasing your personality.

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How it makes us feel

This Daddy Cap is like the father figure you've always wanted. With timeless style and an adjustable fit, it's a hat that's always there for you, no questions asked.

How To Enjoy

The beauty of our caps is in their versatility. Pair with a casual t-shirt and jeans for a relaxed look, or use it as the finishing touch to your athleisure ensemble. Don't forget to coordinate it with your outfit and accessories - you might even want to match it with your nail polish!


This cap is more than just a cap. It's six panels of 100% cotton comfort, ready to nestle atop your noggin like it's always belonged there.

The curved peak is perfectly molded, deflecting sunrays and sideways glances with equal ease.

Adjustable back? Of course, it's got that too.

Care Guide

After wearing, hang your cap up or place it on a flat surface to maintain its shape. If it gets dirty, a gentle hand wash should do the trick.

Remember, it's 100% cotton, so keep it away from the dryer


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