SAMA Nail Polish is a gender-neutral nail polish company that stans for inclusivity and respect.

SAMA comes from the Japanese honorific used to refer to someone that you highly admire, and we think everyone deserves to be respected.

Why should nail polish be gender stereotyped anyways? Life is too hard already, let's all just paint our nails and be stoked!

Meet our sama momma

SAMA was founded by an American-turned-Australian with a passion for authenticity.

After becoming hyper-fixated on ingredient labeling for beauty and skincare products, she quickly learned the downfalls of normal nail polish.

She felt only obligated to create a product that would both spread awareness and provide a solution to readily available nail polish without all the nasties.

Can Nail Polish Really Be THAT Shitty?

No cap, nail polish can be nasty. Let’s just look at formaldehyde - which is a carcinogenic and highly toxic chemical commonly found in nail polish.

Imagine having that on your finger tips. And then, if you’re like 45% of teenagers, you probably bite your nails, giving this chemical direct access to your body. 

And that's just one ingredient that most nail polishes DO have, that SAMA doesn’t.

So yeah, nail polish can be that shitty. That’s why we’re here.

Free To Be You

Okay, so we know nail polish can be bad. But let's talk about the social stigma against anyone other than a female-identifying person who wants to wear it (or any other cosmetic product to be frank).

SAMA aims to break down the gender stereotyping in the beauty industry one hand at a time.

What We Use, What We WIll NEver Use

We use plant-based alternatives for the majority of our formulations. It may take more work, but we’re here for it, and for you.

We work closely with our R&D to ensure our products are aligned with our mission. If it’s not something we’d be stoked to use, then we won’t be selling it.

Our products are free from the top 10 nasty chemicals found in traditional nail polish, like Formaldehyde, Tosylamide, Toluene, & Animal products. This means we can be incredibly inclusive to a range of people.