What Does Halal Mean?

Halal refers to something that is permissible or lawful in Islamic law.

In the case of nail polish, halal certification can be obtained through various means such as ensuring that the ingredients used in the nail polish are halal, the manufacturing process is free from any haram (forbidden) substances or processes, and the nail polish does not prevent water from reaching the nails during ablution (wudu).

How Can Nail Polish Be Halal?

In order for nail polish to be considered halal, it should not contain any animal-derived ingredients, as these are considered haram in Islam. 

It should not prevent water from reaching the nails during ablution, as this is an important aspect of Islamic ritual purity. This can be achieved through the use of breathable nail polish that allows water to penetrate the nails.

Where To Find Halal Nail Polish

SAMA Nail Polish is an inclusive plant based, breathable formula. Our fun colours mean you can express yourself without limitation.

Our manufacturers are audited and accredited as a halal manufacturer and the nail polish specifically has passed product testing proving the movement of oxygen through the film of the polish on the nail, which in turn proves water permeability.

The best part? SAMA Nail Polish is formulated with natural ingredients. Our breathable formula lets water reach your nails so you can perform Wudu. This means you can wear your favoruite nail polish and still follow your religious beliefs!

If you're looking for Halal nail polish, you've come to the right place. 

May 02, 2023 — Destiny Flaherty